Aida nizar cronicas marcianas minusvalido

Antonio david flores gets into a fight with jorge javier

Their collaboration in Crónicas Marcianas ended in the most unfortunate way possible. In a fit of rage, Aida said to a disabled person who did not want to greet her: “God gives to each one what he deserves”. Statements that earned her an immediate ‘daughter of a bitch’ from Javier Sardá and the end of her experience in Telecinco’s late show.
In it, she took the opportunity to question Rosa Benito about Ortega Cano, days after the accident of the former bullfighter in 2011. The a posteriori winner of Supervivientes was unaware of the event and answered with naivety to Aída’s questions.
A situation that infuriated the presenter Jorge Javier Vázquez describing her as a ‘daughter of a bitch’. “What have you said to my daughter, tell it to my eyes!”, her mother Mari Ángeles Delgado told her in that gala.

Bombazoo antonio david flores has three court cases

The controversy returns to Javier Sardá’s program. A few days ago, the family of a mentally handicapped person sued the host of Crónicas Marcianas and Javier Cárdenas for the alleged humiliation suffered by Javier Cristo Hernández, during this program. On Wednesday, Aida Nizar, one of his collaborators, told a young man in a wheelchair that “God gives to each one what he deserves”. This time, Sardá’s reaction was forceful.
The former GH contestant noticed that the young man was in a wheelchair and said: “I was going to answer you, but God gives everyone what they deserve”. At that moment, Marta López, another former Gran Hermano contestant and now a GH talk show host, got up from her seat and demanded Aida to withdraw her words or she would never speak to her again “in life”. Aida then pretended to be clueless and said that she had not realized the boy’s situation. But it didn’t stick.

Antonio david flores bursts: don’t insist, don’t pursue me

After the end of the late-night has disappeared from television, but not the fashion of witches and millionaire audiences. Sálvame has found its own viewer-trapping witch with Aramis Fuster, who also appeared on the Martian program. Like Lola, Aramis has also confronted the collaborators of the space and in particular Kiko Matamoros to whom she dedicated her own curse “you will not get up again” referring to his virile member. How things change, from Lola’s black candles we have moved on to Aramis’ erectile dysfunction.
In 2004, before Merlos Place happened, Marta López already had her own passionate drama in Crónicas Marcianas in front of a man who claimed to be her ex-partner. The former big sister participated at that time in the second edition of anónimos and in the first VIP, so she had earned her seat in Sardá’s program.
During the Crónicas Marcianas stage, it was common to see Mila Ximénez as a collaborator. If something stands out about her is her strong character and this facet of hers made her have a hard time in the late-night when she called “son of a bitch” to one of the guests.

Rocío flores’ knife attack on carrasco

‘Big Brother’ has launched hundreds of contestants to fame but not always for the better. Some of those who have participated in the contest of Telecinco will always carry with them the label of ‘bad, very bad’ after their behavior inside and outside the house of Guadalix.
She entered the house to recover her ex, Omar, who was already in the arms of Paula, another contestant of Gran Hermano 15, but her passage through the house has unleashed a hurricane. Lucia was expelled from the television house with 70% of the votes and already on the set she had to face accusations of being a bad person for her constant threats to Paula and her cocky language. Even Mercedes Milá reproached her for her attitude during the contest.
Gran Hermano 11′ gave a lot and although Indhira was the center of attention of the contest there were other contestants who were not left behind as Nagore Robles, who holds the record of being the contestant with the highest percentage of expulsion in the history of reality and the official title of the ‘bad girl of Gran Hermano’.

Aida nizar cronicas marcianas minusvalido
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