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In terms of news, in the set of its midday and evening editions from Monday to Sunday, Informativos Telecinco has led absolutely with a 14.8% share and 2,006,000 viewers, establishing a distance of 1.5 points with respect to Antena 3 Noticias (13.3% and 1,770,000).
Among Divinity’s most watched content in 2015 were GHVIP Diario, the summary of Supervivientes, the program Vender para comprar, and the series Imborrable, Anatomía de Grey, El cuerpo del delito, The Closer and Castle.

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The Fuencarral channel thus opens a window to one of the most attractive targets and most demanded by advertisers, with what will be its “first informative channel” in free-to-air with exclusive broadcasting in high definition and which will be developed in a 360º audiovisual environment on television, Internet -with the creation of a new site and simultaneous live broadcasting on and social networks.
After that, starting at 23:30 hours, the channel will present eight documentaries to empirically present the different thematic labels that make up its programming grid: ‘The Crash Reel’ (Be Mad Extreme), ‘Space Dive’ (Be Mad Mechanic), ‘Dirty Wars’ (Be Mad Investigation), ‘Kumh Mela-World’s Biggest Festival’ (Be Mad Travel), ‘Colosseum – Rome’s Arena of Death’ (Be Mad History), ‘The Lost Gorillas of The Virunga’ (Be Mad Nature), ‘Proyecto Nim’ (Be Mad Science) and ‘La Atlántida: el fin de un mundo, el nacimiento de una leyenda’ (Be Mad Planet).
And on Friday 22nd, at 22:00, Be Mad starts its regular broadcasts with the Be Mad Movies label, which includes the Coen brothers’ film ‘Fargo’, coinciding with the 20th anniversary of its premiere.

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We start with the most recent seasonal dish, taken out of the oven by HBO on December 4. Created and directed by Isabel Coixet, this romantic comedy is conceived through the encounters of two people with refined palates who meet thanks to a matchmaking app for food lovers. Throughout their dates they will have to discover their tastes will or will not allow them to cement a lasting love story. Our reviewer Laura García Higueras ended up very satisfied after binge-watching the eight episodes that make up the first season.

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javitv escribió:Ayer subieron en más capitulos de Yo soy BeaMe da a mi que irá a Nueve YSB y STNHP, porque no veo que adquieran novelas latinas como en NovaAlguna telenovela latina aparte de las que ya tienen adquiriran porque no pueden vivir eternamente de Yo soy Bea y STNHP.
Roberto wrote:javitv wrote:Yesterday they uploaded in more chapters of Yo soy BeaI think it will go to Nueve YSB and STNHP, because I do not see that they acquire Latin novels as in NovaSome Latin telenovela apart from those they already have will acquire because they can not live forever of Yo soy Bea and STNHP.No live in FDF with Aida and LQSA? xD
Well yes, all networks live with some series…. See laSexta with Bones and Navy. Nitro with McGyver. NEOX with Two and a Half Men and Modern Family… Wonderful Antena 3 group, xDDDDPD. I urge some network to rebroadcast Pacific Blue. Man, yeah!
portico wrote:Well, yes, all the networks live with some series… See laSexta with Bones and Navy. Nitro with McGyver. NEOX with Two and a Half Men and Modern Family… Wonderful Antena 3 group, xDDDDPD. I really need a network to rebroadcast Pacific Blue. I’m sure you’re right about Neox but you’re right about the others xDD

Cronicas carnivoras mitele
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