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Best vampire movies

Seductive, playful, clever, silly, classic or modern, vampires are one of fiction’s great resources when it comes to creating engaging content. From the updated origins of Bram Stoker’s classic to the most classic video games of the last century, bloodsuckers crowd TVs and platforms. Let’s review the best vampire series on Netflix, HBO, Amazon and Movistar.
Created by Liz Heldens, veteran and with a spectacular resume formed by ‘Friday Night Lights’ or ‘The Orville’, adapts the series of novels by Justin Cronin quite elegantly. It has barely touched the surface of a somewhat trite but always effective original material, especially when the references and mirrors in which it looks are so indebted to the most classic horror. As if it were not enough with Mark-Paul Gosselaar, among the directors of the series we find classics of the videoclip as Marcos Siega or that great of horror that we miss so much called Ti West.
It was difficult, if not impossible, for the masterpiece by Garth Ennis, Steve Nilon and Glenn Fabry (those covers, for God’s sake), to make a faithful leap to cinema or television. But times change, products adapt to their times and some producers with such a good eye as Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are bold enough to open and close a series that, like it or not, is something else… but it’s always ‘Preacher’. In its own way, truly exemplary.

What we do in the shadows series

Why watch: This is a BBC Earth documentary production that reminds us, through five episodes, of the power and fragility of the forces of nature. It dwells, for example, on the global weather system that distributes water to every corner of the world, the ocean currents that bring nutrients to the deepest reaches of the ocean, or how volcanoes fertilize the earth. In the narration, Sir David Attenborough.
Why watch it: The creator of ‘Gossip Girl’, Austin Winsberg, signs this fiction that is among the most lighthearted in HBO’s repertoire.  A fiction of good intentions, perfect to disconnect, with hits of all times (there are no far-fetched themes) that is already in its second season.
Why watch it: Its creator is the creator of the successful series ‘Vampire Chronicles’, which here will focus, instead of bloodsuckers, on a group of five fairies who begin to study at Alfea, a boarding school where they will learn to master their magical powers and face more earthly problems such as love, rivalry and menacing monsters. This is a reinvention of the successful Italian cartoon series Winx Club, which spawned countless spin-offs, so the prospects are good.

Best series

At the suggestion of user j3gallo (thanks Julio ) , we open today this thread dedicated to the series and movies that we can see daily on any of the channels that are part of the Imagenio grid.
To begin with Dark Water , a film that is broadcast tonight on the Sci-FI channel at 22.00 . It is a remake of the Japanese film of the same title, starring Jennifer Connelly and Tim Roth. In my opinion it is a worthy remake of the original and that those who like horror films will not be disappointed, that if those who have seen the original version of Hideo Nakata, you can save it because it contributes almost nothing in terms of plot.
The film is a melodrama, an expression that unites two terms: drama, which would be that genre about real, everyday life, with its miseries and joys; and melody, which is a composition in which a theme is developed. Together, they form the melodrama, that type of film in which passions and conflicts are more intense, more painful and more tragic than in real life.

Cronicas vampiricas movistar en línea

The Vampire Chronicles series will give us the perspective of Elena Gilbert and her friends, this teenager will fall in love with one of the Salvatore brothers, but the twists and turns of the series will make everything possible. So, from the beginning of the series to how it ends, many things will change in the lives of our protagonists.
Vampire series never go out of fashion, there is always a moment in which we all like to see an impossible love story that always ends well? or not so good, you’ll have to find out for yourself. In case you feel like watching a young fantasy series and more specifically Vampire Diaries, you are in luck, because you can watch it as long as you have registered with HBO.

Cronicas vampiricas movistar
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