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Santiago nasar

Chronicle of a Death Foretold, a short novel published in 1981, is one of García Márquez’s best-known and best-loved works. It recounts in the form of an almost journalistic reconstruction the murder of Santiago Nasar at the hands of the Vicario twins.
From the beginning of the narrative it is announced that Santiago Nasar is going to die: he is the young son of an Arab emigrant and seems to be the cause of the dishonor of Angela, sister of the twins, who has married the day before and has been rejected by her husband.
His concise, precise and grounded prose manages to envelop the unbelievable with credibility, inventing a narrative tension where there is no plot, turning time upside down to reveal its truths, leaving a doubt in the air that will eventually destroy the protagonists of this drama, which was adapted for the big screen in 1987, directed by Franceso Rosie and starring Rupert Everett, Ornella Muti and Gian Maria Volonté.
Nor did Santiago Nasar recognize the omen. He had slept little and badly, without taking off his clothes, and woke up with a headache and with a copper stirrup sediment on the roof of his mouth, and interpreted them as natural ravages of the wedding party that had lasted until after midnight.

Chronicle of a death foretold: summary

These 12 best Gabriel García Márquez frees confirm the magic of the work of the father of magical realism and Nobel Prize winner who seduced us with his ability to define a continent in a book, fuse reality with fantasy and turn some of his stories into timeless ones.
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Gabriel García Márquez was born in Aracataca (Magdalena), Colombia, on March 6, 1927. He was the son of Gabriel Eligio García and Luisa Santiaga Márquez Iguarán. He was raised by his maternal grandparents: Tranquilina Iguarán Cortés and Colonel Nicolás Márquez, who was an essential figure in his life, his personality influenced several of his characters.
He attended high school at the Jesuit School of San José in 1940. Thanks to a scholarship granted by the government, he went to Bogotá, where he was relocated to the Liceo Nacional de Zipaquirá. After graduation in 1947, he studied law and journalism at the National University of Colombia, where he devoted himself especially to reading.


The novel, in the form of a chronicle, tells the story of the death of Santiago Nasar. When Bayardo San Roman marries Angela Vicario, he discovers that she is no longer a virgin, and returns her to her family. The woman confesses that her first man was Santiago Nasar and the bride’s brothers feel they must kill him to wash the family name. However, they do not want to bear the burden of that death, and deliberately announce that they will kill him and give Santiago Nasar all the time in the world to take the proper precautions. The whole town knows that the Vicario brothers will kill Santiago. Several people try to warn him, but fate is stubborn and, for one reason or another, the messengers never reach Santiago.

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Descargar libro cronicas de una muerte anunciada pdf
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