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The series was renewed for a third season, which premiered on September 15, 2011.[2]This season featured the promotion of Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to lead character. The season’s storyline focused on the history of the Original vampire family, as well as revealing the real reason Klaus wanted to become a hybrid and why he wanted Stefan on his side. The season featured the addition of Claire Holt as Rebekah, one of the Originals who in the past had a romantic relationship with Stefan; Jack Coleman as Bill Forbes, Caroline’s father, who returns to Mystic Falls to try to help his daughter; Persia White as Abby Bennet, Bonnie’s mother; Torrey DeVitto as Meredith Fell, a doctor who will take a keen interest in how quickly Alaric recovers; and Alice Evans as Esther, the Originals’ mother; as well as the return of Daniel Gillies as Elijah. [3]
The series was renewed for a sixth season on February 13, 2014 and features the return of Alaric (Matthew Davis) and the promotion of Enzo (Michael Malarkey) as the main characters.[6][7] It also marks the farewell of Nina Dobrev, Steven R. McQueen and Michael Trevino as members of the main cast. It was released on October 2, 2014,[8] and focuses primarily on Damon and Bonnie’s struggle to reunite with their friends and loved ones. Also, a new threat is introduced in the form of Kai, a sorcerer who must absorb the magic of others in order to practice and seeks to become the leader of the Gemini coven. Caroline’s struggle with grief over losing her mother and her feelings for Stefan is also shown. Finally, following the return of Stefan and Damon’s mother Lily, who seeks to bring back witch-vampire hybrids known as the Heretics, who were banished by the Gemini coven.

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Based on the book series by LJ Smith , The Vampire Diaries is from Bonanza Productions Inc. in association with Outerbanks Entertainment, Alloy Entertainment, Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios.  The series was developed by Kevin Williamson (The Following, Scream), Julie Plec (The Originals, Kyle XY, Wasteland), serving as executive producers along with Leslie Morgenstein (Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars) and Caroline Dries (Melrose Place , Smallville).
When an impulsive Damon threatens to undo a deal between Stefan and Lily, he has to make a truce with his mother before things get out of hand. However, Lily goes a step further and pulls off a hard plan that hurts Damon where it hurts the most. After returning to Whitmore College, Alaric seeks Bonnie’s help in understanding a mysterious and dangerous artifact he has just obtained. Meanwhile, Matt is forced to make a life-or-death decision. Caroline, a pawn in Lily and the heretics’ plan for revenge, discovers an alarming secret from Stefan’s past.

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JustWatch is based on the location and recommendation of series and movies that are available on streaming platforms. One of the particularities it offers is its way of warning which options are available depending on the platforms to which each user has access. In addition, it also provides a search engine where you can see on which platform the series or movie you want to watch is available.
In Northern Ireland, an elusive serial killer (Jamie Dornan), stalks his victims around the city of Belfast, choosing them following the purest chance. To catch him once and for all, the London police force is sent to the area, where the talented detective Stella Gibson (Gillian Anderson) will be the ideal person to hunt him down. The series returned to Netflix thanks to the platform’s algorithm, which includes it as one of its most popular titles.
Rick perfectly meets the attributes of any mad scientist, being also a genius and an irresponsible person who has just moved to his daughter Beth’s house. There he will live new adventures with his grandson Morty, whom he intends to help so he doesn’t end up being like his father Jerry, whom he considers a loser. Produced by Adult Swim, Rick and Morty is an animated series for adults created, produced and written by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon.

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A murdered presidential candidate, a potential conspiracy and an aspirant blindly devoted to religious faith. With these elements is built ‘The Kingdom’, a political thriller that is probably the most ambitious Netflix production in Argentina so far, with a cast headed by Diego Peretti and Chino Darín.
The second season of Ragnarok continued Magne’s fight against Jutul Industries and the evil giants that run the corporation. Unfortunately, the reincarnated god lost his powers at the beginning of this season. And it wasn’t until Magne forged Mjolnir, Thor’s legendary hammer, that he was finally able to wield his gifts.A series that will hook those passionate about Viking culture. This is all we know about season 3 of Ragnarok.
Aziz Ansari won critical acclaim for his portrayal of Dev Shah in his semi-autobiographical series Master of None, which premiered in 2015. The series was nominated for four Emmy Awards in 2017 and Ansari in 2018 won a Golden Globe for Best Actor.The first season of Master of None followed Dev as he finds himself through his relationships with his parents, friends and girlfriend. The second season sees Dev working on himself as he escapes to Italy after splitting up with his girlfriend before returning to New York. Themes such as race, religion and relationships resurface. Season 3 will not follow Dev’s misadventures, but the love story between Denise and Alicia.’Master of None’ season 3 review.

Ver cronicas vampiricas temporada 7 castellano
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