Diana quer reportaje

Diana quer reportaje

Diana pretends to be the mother of the baby born baby.

Initially, the investigators ruled out El Chicle because he did not pass in the same time zone. His phone could be positioned via repeater in that area, but not with GPS data because, when handed over to the Guardia Civil, the device had been formatted “thoroughly” hours before. The studies also concluded that El Chicle approached Diana Quer at the intersection between Paseo del Arenal and Venecia street, since the GPS positionings of Diana’s cell phone mark in this area the location of the young woman that morning. Despite the errors in the positionings, of some meters, “where José Enrique Abuín says he approached her it is impossible” that she was, commented an investigator of the case during the trial, given that “there are almost 200 meters of distance”.
A forensic report concluded that the body had been floating for at least 20 days, since “fly pupae”, a non-aquatic species that needs oxygen to survive, were detected in the victim’s hair. The testimony contradicts the version given by El Chicle because it shows that the corpse had to be counterweighted a second time. For their part, the forensic teams that have intervened in the trial have disagreed with the existence of physical evidence that Diana suffered a sexual assault, although they have agreed that the young woman died strangled with a bridle and not, as the accused claims, by having exerted excessive pressure with her hands. In this sense, the poor state of preservation in which the corpse was found must be taken into account, since it had been submerged for nearly 500 days.

Diana se quedó sozinha en casa

La ciudad de la bahía de Arousa, en la costa gallega, es hermosa y próspera, y sus playas amarillas suelen estar impecables. Marinero a lo largo de su historia, desde hace muchos años las pequeñas embarcaciones de los pescadores se balancean suavemente en la brisa de finales de verano junto a los barcos de pesca industrial, sin olvidar los yates y las lanchas rápidas para el ocio de los ricos, por el gran puerto. Al igual que las casas típicas gallegas comparten el paisaje local con las casas señoriales y las mansiones.
Por lo que se ve, no se descarta ningún ángulo de la desaparición de Diana. Sea como fuere, se ha informado de que el hombre del que se sospechaba que tenía algo que ver con su desaparición, a cuenta del mensaje de WhatsApp de Diana en el que decía a una amiga que la seguía un hombre cuando volvía de la fiesta, ha sido encontrado, interrogado y posteriormente puesto en libertad sin cargos.
Por otra parte, un nuevo giro en la historia le ocurrió a la madre, Diana López-Pinel; de forma inexplicable y bastante inesperada, el tribunal le quitó la custodia de su hija menor, Valeria.    López-Pinel ha admitido estar desolada por el suceso, pero ha declarado a la agencia de noticias española Europa Press que tiene “fe en Dios”.

Two months sense diana quer

The tribute ceremony at the Real Casa de Correos was also attended by the Minister of Justice, Interior and Victims, Enrique López, and counted with the participation of Diana Quer’s father, Juan Carlos Quer; the president of the Clara Campoamor Association, Blanca Estrella Ruiz; the president of the QSDGlobal Foundation for Missing Persons, Francisco Lobatón; and José Antonio Casanueva, grandfather of the young Marta del Castillo.
During the event, Quer presented a portrait of his daughter – a work by the painter Julio Mendoza – which he gave to the Central Operative Unit of the Civil Guard. The painting has been collected, on his behalf, by the chief colonel of this unit of the Benemérita, Francisco Javier Sánchez.

The boo boo story from diana and roma

It was the main suspect in the case, José Enrique Abuín Gey, known as ‘el Chicle’, who led the agents of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) to this former soft drink warehouse and later furniture store at around 5.00 am.
After being left without an alibi in the week in which ‘el Chicle’ tried to assault another young woman in Boiro and put the investigation around him, the detainee confessed that he had thrown the girl into a well in this usual point to hide drug trafficking caches but also frequented by teenagers in the area.
It was there that agents of the Special Groups of Underwater Activities (GEAS) located human remains in the well after more than five hours of work. Thus, the GEAS would leave the place at 10:30 a.m., only ten minutes before the Guardia Civil took ‘Chicle’ handcuffed from the ship while dozens of neighbors shouted “murderer” or “I hope you rot in jail”.

Diana quer reportaje
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