Reportaje irene montero

Reportaje irene montero

Pablo iglesias turrión

“I have been asked many times to confirm or deny news that have to do with my life, but neither before nor now I am going to do it when others decide for me. No more or less than anyone else,” continues the minister.
The information pointing to the crisis between the couple between the former vice president and the minister slips that the breakup would have occurred “last March” and that the couple has put up for sale their villa in Galapagar. Pablo Iglesias announced his retirement from political activity after the defeat in the elections of the Community of Madrid last May 4. These elections were held only two months after the alleged breakup and since then Iglesias has had to face a new stage full of changes. He himself exemplified these changes by cutting off his everlasting ponytail.
Irene Montero recalls the harassment that she and her family have been suffering for some time, by sectors of the ultra-right, with concentrations in front of her house in Galapagar: “It’s all part of the same strategy, systematic, constant, by land, sea and air, a strategy of harassment and demolition that began a long time ago”.

Ione belarra

La ministra de Igualdad Irene Montero ha salido al paso de las informaciones que apuntaban a una supuesta separación de su pareja, y padre de sus hijos, Pablo Iglesias. En un post en su perfil de Instagram , Montero ha acusado a “las cloacas” de mentir.
“Nunca hablo de esto, pero hoy quiero hablar”, comienza su comunicado Irene Montero , “detesto a las cloacas que mienten tanto y con tanto descaro, detesto a los que las protegen y también a los que no les plantan cara pensando que las cosas no van con ellas. Detesto a los que no saben hacer política y buscan destruir al adversario con el juego sucio. ”
“Me han pedido muchas veces que confirme o desmienta noticias que tienen que ver con mi vida, pero ni antes ni ahora lo voy a hacer cuando otros deciden por mí”, continúa, muy enfadada. “Ni más ni menos que nadie”.
Sin embargo, sí desmiente las informaciones que apuntan a una separación de su pareja Pablo Iglesias . “Inevitablemente ocurre que cuando las cloacas mienten sobre tu pareja incluso cuando ya ha dejado la política, cuando difunde bulos intencionadamente, cuando te acosan en los juzgados, cuando te persiguen en tu casa, en tus vacaciones, tus hijos, tu familia se preocupa. los amigos se preocupan. Tu gente se preocupa, “dice”, y consiguen que muchas personas hablen ante tu vida de la Ley Trans y LGTBI, o de la Ley del Sólo Sí es Sí, o de la próxima reforma de la Ley. del aborto”.

Pablo echenique

Last night, during the Supervivientes debate, Rocío Flores confessed that she does not want to discuss her mother’s return to television with anyone. However, the daughter of Antonio David Flores could not keep quiet: “I’m not going to put my peace of mind or my tranquility at stake for these things”.  “I’m not going to go through this again, I had a hard enough time with this issue and I’m still having a hard enough time”, she pointed out emphatically.  Ro held back tears when she made it clear that there will not be the expected reunion with her mother in the corridors of Telecinco: “It will not happen and not because I have asked this producer or the network not to coincide with her…”.
María Teresa Campos has given her personal opinion about the return of Rocío Carrasco to television and has shown her happiness for the new professional project of the one she considers her daughter. Terelu Campos’ mother has confirmed how happy she is that Rocío is taking her place on Sálvame: “I have always considered Rocío to be part of my family. I was a defender of the audience and now she is”. And she has not hesitated to send her some advice: “The defender has to be completely impartial when the audience speaks, but then she has to give the opportunity to those who have spoken well or badly to answer. And above all not to confront the viewer, respect”.

Aitana iglesias montero

The couple, who are expecting twins in the coming months, have acquired a 268 m2 villa with a plot of more than 2,000 m2 in the municipality of Galapagar, in the heart of the mountains of Madrid, for an amount of around 615,000 euros.
Taking into account all these data, everything points to the fact that Iglesias and Montero have signed a variable mortgage at an interest rate of approximately Euribor+0.6%/Euribor+0.8%, since a fixed loan of these characteristics would have a much higher monthly payment (around 2,000 euros). To pay around 1,600-1,700 euros at a fixed rate, the mortgage would have to be signed at a very low interest rate and completely out of the market (below 1%, when on average at least 1.5% is being offered).
This point is important, because one of the main advices of the experts is that the payment of the housing does not suppose more than a third of the income, but if the mortgage quota rises faster than the income or they stop having the current retributions, the family runs the risk of skipping that rule.

Reportaje irene montero
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